STRATA Architecture + Preservation visits CSI

Custom Storefronts was excited to host the crew from Strata Architecture + Preservation. We love to show colleagues what we do here at CSI, especially when it inspires them in their own field.

See what they said in this excerpt from their blog:

‘Customization can be defined as, “modifying something to fit a particular individual or task…”

We love this concept and seem to deal with it on a daily basis in our work.

STRATA had the great fortune to meet with a company who also does this on a daily basis, Custom Storefronts Inc. Yesterday we had the opportunity to quiz them on what they do and how we can align with (and tweak) their process to replicate historic storefront details and millwork. Thank you, Jon and Ashley for your presentation and tour, and taking time to show us how traditional methods can blend with modern technology to make a truly unique product.’