We are pleased to share with you an example of how the Custom Storefronts Team was able to provide a custom metal door solution for a retailer looking at redesigning their storefront.  By partnering with Custom Storefronts, True Religion was able to successfully update existing retail stores and open new stores using an entry design concept that would help them “open up” the storefront and attract a higher volume of consumer traffic.   To date, Custom Storefronts has successfully completed the rollout for True Religion’s “1.5” and “2.0” storefront programs in both 2014 and 2015.

The Client

Since 2002, True Religion has been conquering the denim industry with quality craftsmanship and gutsy designs. A brand was born that is unlike any other denim brand in the world – they are bigger, better, and bolder. What began with a stitch is now a movement of innovative fashion that ignites the world with bold statements of creative self-expression. As True Religion continues to dominate the denim industry, it only makes sense that they would want to unveil a storefront design that is as fearless as the brand itself.

The Challenge

Early in 2014, True Religion was developing a new storefront concept to refresh some of their existing stores and incorporate into new stores. The design was inspired by a non-operational door in their London office: it had an industrial feel, with old bridge gussets and wire glass. The True Religion designers put together renderings and Custom Storefronts was tasked with bringing the design vision to life while meeting tight budget and construction timelines. Custom Storefronts began reviewing the concepts to determine feasible solutions to the challenges the design presented:

Challenge #1

Building codes do not allow wire glass in active doors as it’s not considered safety glass and does not meet safety glazing codes.

Solution: We were able to utilize new glass printing technology called “Dip-Tech” which uses ceramic frit inks to print photographic-quality images that are baked permanently into tempered glass. This technology allowed us to provide the desired wire glass pattern look, but maintained the required safety glass needed for operable doors.

Challenge #2

True Religion’s desired finish for these doors was “Artisan White”, which is a rustic finish, as a bridge truss might look after years of weathering.
Solution: To achieve this finish, we started with a dark gray primer and applied a second white “overspray” coat. This “overspray” coat was hand-applied by our finishers as this look could not be achieved by a production finishing method. By manually spraying the “Artisan White” coat, each door became unique in final appearance, thus meeting the design criteria.

Challenge #3

The inspirational “fixed” door design was fabricated using angles, bar stock, plates and rivets; not traditional door components. How do we design the door to utilize traditional door hardware, but maintain the bridge truss appearance?
Solution: Custom-milled blocks and housings were designed for the locks and pivots, incorporating them into the look and feel of the door. The end result was a functional door that did not compromise the overall design and appearance while allowing the door to operate with traditional door hardware.

Challenge #4

True Religion’s new rollout included exterior locations. These exterior doors would see high traffic and require additional hardware and weathering; thus, the interior angle door design was not an ideal solution.
Solution: We utilized standard aluminum stiles and rails with a water-jet-cut “skin” to create the cross bars, and used the applied gussets with welded rivets from the interior door design. These skins allowed for traditional aluminum door fabrication and ensured success for an exterior application.

custom door skin


As you can see from the project photos, the projects were a success. All stores were delivered on-time and on-budget.
Please contact one of our team members to discuss how we can take your storefront design from concept to reality by partnering with Custom Storefronts. Custom Storefronts is The Storefront Solution Provider.